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My Brother’s Keeper Cincinnati
Committed to disrupting and eradicating the chronic social, mental, economical, and educational barriers for young men of color.

Who We Are

We are a group of concerned community leaders committed to the empowerment and success of young men of color residing in the City of Cincinnati. We see them struggling to survive in an environment filled with inherent hindrances and inequalities that severely hamper their growth. Our goal is to do away with these hindrances and inequalities and allow them to prosper in a healthy environment.


We are fearless in approaching communities' opportunities with new strategies and fresh perspectives, in order to bring the change captured within our mission statement. 


We work towards fairness not sameness; making sure people get access to the same opportunities by giving them what they need vs the same thing.


We invest our time, energy and resources in others. We interact with authenticity and empathy and foster trust and loyalty in order to motivate others towards a positive outcome. 


We will be intentional about approaching corporations, non-profits, universities, and other institutions that align with our mission and values.

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